100 Awesome Independent Album and EP Releases You Probably Missed in 2019

Welcome to the FIFTH annual list of independent albums and EP’s that probably slipped under your radar this year. I’ve been in the music industry for over a decade at this point (I know right?!) and it continues to floor me just how much talent is out there.

Yet here we are again, with even more incredible music for you to sink your teeth into. One of the truest things that keeps me creating these lists year after year is the excitement I derive from the serendipitous discovery of these wide swaths of creativity. Sometimes the best artistry emerges from the best-kept secrets.  🀘🎸

Since 2015, I’ve given you lists of 100 independent albums and EP’s you probably missed during the year. Here they are:

And so, here is the 2019 list in all its glory. I’m equally excited for the new crop of artists here as well as for those returning again. A healthy helping of the content on this year’s list is from artists I’ve known for years and who continue to crank out new material. It’s all balanced by an influx of new content from new artists whom I’ll certainly be keeping tabs on into the new year.

As with all previous lists, these 100 albums and EP’s come from artists all over the world. This year’s list includes artists from: Canada, Greece, Germany, Spain, Austria, Hungary, France, almost ALL of Scandinavia (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland!), Australia, Estonia, Argentina, Mexico, the Philippines, New Zeland, Indonesia, Switzerland, Italy, Russia, Bulgaria, the U.K., Poland, and 21 different U.S. states. The independent world is massive.

It’s always interesting to see what each year brings in terms of style and genre, and this year’s list seems to heavily feature classic garage punk, pop-punk, shoegaze, alternative, metal, folk rock, and hard rock material.

With all that out of the way, here are 100 of the independent albums and EP’s that you probably missed in 2019. All were released during the 2019 calendar year.

As always, albums are in no particular order.

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Come take a peek under the radar at the material you probably missed this yearβ€”live in my music world for a little while. πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘


1. What Happened To Us? (Vol. 1) β€” The Head β€” Atlanta, Georgia, USA

What Happened to Us

2. Breathe In Colours β€” Forever Still β€” Copenhagen, Denmark

Breathe in Colours

3. Ghost β€” Bloody Diamonds β€” Toronto, Ontario, Canada


4. I’m The Reaper β€” The Beautiful Monument β€” Melbourne, Australia

I'm The Reaper

5. Gone Off the Earth β€” Felic β€” Helsinki, Finland

Gone Off the Earth

6. Far Canal β€” Fox Ache β€” Brisbane, Australia

Far Canal

7. Ephemeral β€” We Are The Catalyst β€” Gothenburg, Sweden


8. Hannah Wicklund & The Steppin Stones on Audiotree Live β€” Hannah Wicklund & The Steppin Stones β€” Los Angeles, California, USA

Hannah Wicklund Live

9. Β Retrospective | Reactive β€” Have No Clue β€” Esztergom, Hungary

Retrospective, Reactive

10. Mourning Vibes II β€” DownStater β€” Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

Mourning Vibes II

11. When Daughters & Sons Revolt β€” Past Tense Of Never β€” Graham, North Carolina, USA

When Daughters

12. Show Me Your Teeth β€” Beth Blade and the Beautiful Disasters β€” Cardiff, Wales, UK

Show Me Yourth Teeth

13. The Extinction of Unicorns β€” The Dead Love β€” Sydney, Australia

The Extinction of Unicorns

14. The Wood Room Sessions β€” Just Like Honey β€” New York, New York, USA

The Wood Room Sessions

15. Useless Hands β€” Rival Town β€” St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

Useless Hands

16. Not So Bold β€” Dance Contraption β€” Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

Not So Bold

17. Main Street Revival β€” Main Street Revival β€” Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Main Street Revival

18. Crowned In Frost β€” Frozen Crown β€” Milan, Italy

Crowned In Frost

19. Come What May β€” Oh See Demons β€” Bergen, Norway

Come What May

20. How Your Life’s Played Out β€” Montgomery β€” Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Howw Your Life's

21. Alone in the Dark β€” In Good Nature β€” Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Alone in the Dark

22. Brand New World β€” Desert Queen β€” Tartu, Estonia

Brand New World

23. Asleep in the Deep End β€” Andross β€” Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Asleep In The Deep End

24. It Was Beautiful β€” Fawner β€” Bristol, England, UK

It Was Beautiful

25. Traya β€” Set Fire β€” Boston, Massachusetts, USA


26. Notti di Follia β€” Out For Summer β€” Moderna, Italy

Notti di Follia

27. Slice β€” Spo β€” Salt Lake City, Utah, USA


28. Feeding The Void β€” Hysteria β€” Dresden, Germany

Feeding the Void

29. Here & Now (EP) β€” Dangerfield β€” Brisbane, Australia

Here and Now EP

30. Celebration β€” CityState β€” Holyoke, Massachusetts, USA


31. Dream Living β€” Lost Mind β€” Torrelodones, Spain

Dream Living

32. So It Began β€” Silvernite β€” Greece

So It Began

33. Bridges We Build | Bridges We Burn β€” Teresa Banks β€” Helsinki, Finland

Bridges We Build, Bridges We Burn

34. Serenity β€” Saint Raven β€” Salt Lake City, Utah, USA


35. Two Sides β€” Dirty Rugs β€” Seattle, Washington, USA

Two Sides

36. ATERA β€” Zea Mays β€” Bilbao, Spain


37. LP1 β€” Clouds & Satellites β€” Savannah, Georgia, USA


38. Three on Three EP β€” Jack Droppers & the Best Intentions β€” Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

Three on Three EP

39. CRAFTING EP β€” CRAFTING β€” Wilmington, Delaware, USA

Crafting EP

40. The World Conspires β€” Birdeatsbaby β€” Brighton, England, UK

The World Conspires

41. Transcend β€” Hello, Mountain β€” Denver, Colorado, USA


42. Spiral Down β€” Blue Velvet Drapes β€” Los Angeles, California, USA

Spiral Down

43. Redeemer β€” Red Handed Denial β€” Toronto, Ontario, Canada


44. Maladjusted β€” My Secret Haven β€” Warsaw, Poland


45. Glitter Trails β€” Glitter Trails β€” Los Angeles, California, USA

Glitter Trails

46. Memorias β€” Carla Monterrubio β€” Mexico City, Mexico


47. The Toll β€” DUSK β€” Vienna, Austria

The Toll

48. Manic EP β€” Lie to Life β€” Detroit, Michigan, USA

Manic EP

49. Genetic Nobodies β€” Genetic Nobodies β€” Los Angeles, California, USA

Genetic Nobodies

50. Skull Flower β€” John Tessier β€” Paris, France

Skull Flower

51. Unbreakable β€” Keep Flying β€” New Jersey, USA


52. Scream In My Dream β€” Strangers In The Attic β€” Zurich, Switzerland

Scream in My Dream

53. Stories in Time β€” Time Jugglers β€” Sofia, Bulgaria

Stories in Time

54. A New Dawn β€” AltHero β€” Santa Cruz De Tenerife, Spain

A New Dawn

55. On A Flow β€” Breitenbach β€” Frankfurt, Germany

On a Flow

56. L’hameΓ§on β€” ATHECIO β€” Lyon, France


57. Dusky Wing β€” Dusky Wing β€” Los Angeles, California, USA

Dusky Wing

58. PALIMONY EP β€” PALIMONY β€” Gainesville, Florida, USA

Palimony EP

59. On Fences β€” Between Bodies β€” Berlin, Germany

On Fences

60. Dormancy β€” Playing Pretend β€” Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA


61. Woodland Rites β€” Green Lung β€” London, England, UK

Woodland Rites

62. Peachy Keen EP β€” Golden Cinema β€” Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada

Peachy Keen EP

63. Thunderjoy β€” West Valley Shakers β€” Sheridan, Oregon, USA


64. Queen of the Pill β€” The Jackets β€” Bern, Switzerland

Queen of the Pill

65. After Dark β€” Pale Lips β€” Montreal, Quebec, Canada

After Dark

66. Erebus β€” Returned To The Earth β€” Nuneaton, England, UK


67. Schizophrenia β€” Altersight β€” Saint Petersburg, Russia


68. IV β€” OMAHA β€” Toronto, Ontario, Canada


69. Egress β€” TopLady Β β€” Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA


70. Blind by Midnight β€” Dino Bravo β€” Burlington, Vermont, USA

Blind by Midnight

71. Cool Evil β€” Glued β€” St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Cool Evil

72. Stressor β€” Wine Lips β€” Toronto, Ontario, Canada


73. Here It Is β€” Fragile Canyons β€” Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Here It Is

74. Feels Like Forever β€” Pretty Bird β€” Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Feels Like Forever

75. Larmes Confettis — Cosmophone — Trois-Rivières, Quebec, Canada

Larmes confettis

76. UNO β€” Black Betty β€” Villa Maria, Argentina


77. The Ghostwriter β€” The Ghostwriter β€” Detroit, Michigan, USA

The Ghostwriter

78. Pen Name β€” Pen Name β€” Canterbury, England, UK

Pen Name

79. Hoping, Not Hopeful β€” Low Vault β€” Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Hoping, Not Hopeful

80. Planet Hunter β€” Planet Hunter β€” Wellington, New Zealand

Planet Hunter

81. Butterfly Distortion β€” Dive to Blue β€” Buenos Aires, Argentina

Butterfly Distortion

82. Take Her My Life β€” Castle Black β€” Brooklyn, New York, USA

Take Her My Life

83. Starburst – EP β€” Truett & The Traitors β€” Springfield, Missouri, USA

Starburts EP

84. Go β€” MoND β€” Bandung, Indonesia


85. A War Within β€” Enmy β€” Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

A War Within

86. The Devil You Know β€” The Coathangers β€” Atlanta, Georgia, USA

The Devil You Know

87. Manic Mood β€” Easy Jane β€” Beirut, Lebanon

Manic Mood

88. Demonstration β€” Floral Canyon β€” Phoenix, Arizona, USA


89. Exhale β€” The Sleep Department β€” Brooklyn, New York, USA


90. ep β€” Soft Topics β€” Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA


91. SPLASH – EP β€” Service Delay β€” Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Splash EP

92. Welcome to the Block β€” Stonewall BLVD β€” Denver, Colorado, USA

Welcome to the Block

93. The New Joys E.P. β€” The New Joys β€” Brooklyn, New York, USA

The New Joys EP

94. Superfuzz β€” Superfuzz β€” A CoruΓ±a, Spain


95. Overnight β€” Insomnia β€” Milan, Italy


96. EP 2019 β€” Dischord β€” Aix En Provence, France

EP 2019

97. Young & Dumb β€” All In Due Time β€” New York, New York, USA

Young and Dumb

98. Indeed EP β€” Indeed β€” Budapest, Hungary

Indeed ep

99. Mural β€” Mural β€” Cebu, The Philippines


100. No Missed Calls, No New Messages β€” The Ragetones β€” Pueblo, Colorado, USA

No Missed Calls


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100 Awesome Independent Album and EP Releases You Probably Missed in 2018

Another December just about passed, and another 100 independent albums and EP’s you probably missed this year. In any artistic industry, so much of the exciting content flies quietly under the radar, except for when you know where to look for it. 🀘🎸

Since 2015, I’ve given you lists of 100 independent albums and EP’s you probably missed during the year. Here they are:

Now here comes 2018’s. I’m so stoked for the new crop of artists here, as well as for those returning again. A lot of the content on this year’s list comes from artists I’ve known for years, producing music for new projects they’ve put together recently. This is a different kind of excitement; I love seeing the evolution of these creatives.

As with all previous lists, these 100 albums and EP’s come from artists all over the world. This year’s list includes artists from: Canada, Greece, Germany, South Korea, Belarus, Austria, Singapore, France, South Africa, Sweden, Australia, Norway, Spain, Estonia, Ukraine, Italy, the U.K., Switzerland, Russia, and 22 different U.S. states.Β The independent world is massive.

It’s always interesting to see what each year brings in terms of style and genre, and 2018 seems to have been heavy on punk, pop-punk, alternative, instrumental, metal, and jazz-influenced material, both in terms of my personal taste and overall releases.

With all that said, here are 100 of the independent albums and EP’s that you probably missed in 2018. All were released during the 2018 calendar year. Music is multidimensional, and all these artists should be treated as such.

As always, albums are in no particular order.

Come expand your universe and live in my world for a little while. πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘

1. SatellitesΒ β€” Chelsea ShagΒ β€” Atlanta, Georgia, USA


2. Painting with ScissorsΒ β€” Andy GruhinΒ β€” Silver Spring, Maryland, USA


3. FeelsΒ β€” Fair PanicΒ β€” Wayne, New Jersey, USA


4. OverseasΒ β€” White CovenΒ β€” Zaragoza, Spain


5. Hannah Wicklund & The Steppin StonesΒ β€” Hannah Wicklund & The Steppin StonesΒ β€” Nashville, Tennessee, USA


6. DreamlandΒ β€” Just Like HoneyΒ β€” New York, New York, USA


7. Personal IssuesΒ β€” Oh See DemonsΒ β€” Bergen, Norway


8. My Only HopeΒ β€” Adam SingerΒ β€” San Francisco, California, USA


9. Β Mind TricksΒ β€” Brownstone Inc.Β β€” Graz, Austria


10. Thriving, Given The ConsequencesΒ β€” Soviet OhioΒ β€” Syracuse, New York, USA


11. In Moon We Trust β€” Hālley β€” Paris, France


12. What The Wreck? β€”Β Stan Stewart β€” Ithaca, New York, USA


13. Poor You, Part TwoΒ β€” JinxboxΒ β€” Middlebury, Vermont, USA


14. Centipede – EPΒ β€” Blooming FireΒ β€” Los Angeles, California, USA


15. The Candleman and the CurtainΒ β€” The Earth and IΒ β€” Warwick, New York, USA


16. Everyone I’ve Ever Loved β€” Valleyheart β€” Salem, Massachusetts, USA


17. KingdomsΒ β€” CooperthebandΒ β€” Nashville, Tennessee, USA


18. Self TitledΒ β€” Alias MayΒ β€” Melbourne, Australia


19. Make My MillenniumΒ β€” Resident OneΒ β€” Atlanta, Georgia, USA


20. FunnySexyCool β€” Hollywood Horses β€” Birmingham, Alabama, USA


21. .ghostworld – EPΒ β€” .ghostworldΒ β€” Singapore, Singapore


22. Heaven and Her DemonsΒ β€” BlackBeakΒ β€” Johannesburg, South Africa


23. Wherever That Is β€” Panhandler β€” Stockholm, Sweden


24. White Roses EPΒ β€” Dream ChambersΒ β€” Nashville, Tennessee, USA


25. Soul TransferΒ β€” EmphasisΒ β€” Tallin, Estonia


26. Westline Drive EPΒ β€” Westline DriveΒ β€” San Francisco, California, USA


27. EPΒ β€” LampionΒ β€” Montreal, Quebec, Canada


28. SalvationΒ β€” The Penske FileΒ β€” Burlington, Ontario, Canada


29. Hypnotizing EuphoriaΒ β€” The Who Was PhoneΒ β€” Zurich, Switzerland


30. Bridges – EPΒ β€” For The FireΒ β€” Indianapolis, Indiana, USA


31. DispositionΒ β€” Young AnimalsΒ β€” St. Louis, Missouri, USA


32. Glow In The DarkΒ β€” Rachel Rose MitchellΒ β€” Melbourne, Australia


33. Dear BeerΒ β€” The BombpopsΒ β€” Los Angeles, California, USA


34. AftermindΒ β€” HighViewΒ β€” Canberra, Australia


35. It’s History, It’s PoetryΒ β€” Detour NorthΒ β€” Chicago, Illinois, USA


36. Voices in My HeadΒ β€” Failing UpΒ β€” Los Angeles, California, USA


37. OmegaΒ β€” Shades of DissonanceΒ β€” Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA


38. From the Wild SkyΒ β€” Halie LorenΒ β€” Eugene, Oregon, USA


39. Up in RosesΒ β€” FeverΒ β€” Portland, Oregon, USA


40. Passing YearsΒ β€” Looking For AlaskaΒ β€” Regensburg, Germany


41. Desire PathsΒ β€” TurnspitΒ β€” Chicago, Illinois, USA


42. Absolution EPΒ β€” KeatingΒ β€” Columbus, Ohio, USA


43. The Fallen KingΒ β€” Frozen CrownΒ β€” Milan, Italy


44. Heartwoken EPΒ β€” The ReviesΒ β€” Los Angeles, California, USA


45. AmnesiaticΒ β€” ODD ROBOTΒ β€” Fullerton, California, USA


46.Β Everything Is TemporaryΒ β€” Between You & MeΒ β€” Melbourne, Australia


47. DuoyuΒ β€” DuoyuΒ β€” Athens, Greece


48. Six People in a Dream β€”Β Baronaqua β€” Melbourne, Australia


49. Hometown StaticΒ β€” Second StreetΒ β€” Kansas City, Missouri, USA


50. Happy ThoughtsΒ β€” MidfieldΒ β€” Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA


51. Becoming a GhostΒ β€” Becoming a GhostΒ β€” Troy, New York, USA


52. Bedtime β€” Pawn Pawn β€” Toledo, Ohio, USA


53. AllianceΒ β€” We Call The ShotsΒ β€” Phoenix, Arizona, USA


54. Mother’s KeeperΒ β€” Mother’s KeeperΒ β€” Birmingham, Alabama, USA


55. Is an EPΒ β€” THISΒ β€” Buffalo, New York, USA


56. Distraction EPΒ β€” Paper CitizenΒ β€” Boston, Massachusetts, USA


57. NostalgiaΒ β€” deerfield.Β β€” Syracuse, New York, USA


58.Β Street TalkΒ β€” Big WhiteΒ β€” Sydney, Australia


59. For Me This TimeΒ β€” Analog HeartΒ β€” Boston, Massachusetts, USA


60. While We Dream β€” Lights & Motion β€” Gothenburg, Sweden


61. Raw Sugar β€” L’Absence β€” Zaragoza, Spain


62. Tameless β€” Buffalo Rampage β€” Moscow, Russia


63. Never Asked for It EP β€” Sorry, Scout β€” St. Louis, Missouri, USA


64. Old Soul β€” Sharp Sleeves β€” Blacksburg, Virginia, USA


65. AspireΒ β€” VENUESΒ β€” Stuttgart, Germany


66. From Blue to Bone β€” Mama Doom β€” Poughkeepsie, New York, USA


67. Heart Whispers (EP) β€”Β Grace & the Midnight Angel β€” Clovis, California, USA


68. Cirque Du Skank β€” Skunk Funk β€” American Canyon, California, USA


69. Spring Silver EPΒ β€” Spring SilverΒ β€” Silver Spring, Maryland, USA


70. The View From Here β€” Stealing Home β€” Concord, California, USA


71. Weird’N’Confused β€” Appocaloosers β€” Madrid, Spain


72. Inception β€” Wallbangers β€” Nantes, France


73. Wanderlust EP β€” Growling RabbitΒ β€” Minsk, Belarus


74. Paper Saints β€” Paper Saints β€” Dallas, Texas, USA


75. Spinneret EP β€” JEM β€” Singapore, Singapore


76. Cashmore Demos β€” Cashmore β€” Brisbane, Australia


77. Dakota β€” Go Murphy β€” Fargo, North Dakota, USA


78. Categories of Colour β€” Either/Or β€” Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


79. Facade β€” Boxford β€” Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA


80. Casual Corner β€” Blesst Chest β€” Portland, Oregon, USA


81. Paper Hearts β€” The Brothers Union β€” Asbury Park, New Jersey, USA


82. New Ruins β€” Candace β€” Portland, Oregon, USA


83. Growing Pain β€” Envious View β€” Springfield, Missouri, USA


84. Hangin’ On! β€” The Glycereens β€” Brisbane, Australia


85. Digital EP β€” Anemoria β€” Fullerton, California, USA

a2139817272_16 (1)

86. Agonize β€” Sever The Ear β€” Gwangju, South Korea


87. Laugh It Off! β€” Domino & the Derelicts β€” San Jose, California, USA

a3382894542_16 (1)

88. Glass Bones β€” WolvesMouth β€” Voorhees, New Jersey, USA


89. Ashes β€” Led By LanternsΒ β€” Birmingham, England, UK


90. A Quiet Riot Vol. 1 β€” We Are Riot β€” Bremen, Germany


91. Membership Dues β€” Sad Girlz Club β€” San Francisco, California, USA


92. Broken Codes β€” In Parallel β€” Nashville, Tennessee, USA


93. The Deep Sleep β€”Β Unveil β€” Sherebrooke, Quebec, Canada


94. The Nexstone β€” The Nexstone β€” Kramatorsk, Ukraine


95. Comfort Zone β€”Β Superhaunted β€” Miami, Florida, USA


96. Fault Lines EP β€” Aeve Ribbons β€” Manchester, England, UK


97. Visions EP β€”Β Noise Maze β€” Udine, Italy


98.The Outer Space (EP) β€” Fallcie β€” Saint Petersburg, Russia


99. Jaren β€” Jenn’s Apartment β€” Lansing, Michigan, USA


100. Nothing Left β€” My Favorite Fault β€” Moscow, Russia



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