The Hit List: 20 Demos, Albums and EP’s You Need to Hear Right Now — October 26, 2015

I was in a decidedly metal mood while compiling this week’s list, and it definitely shows. From industrial to progressive to melodic and metalcore, the Hit List this week boasts a sick number of riff-masters absolutely slaying it! And yet, there’s more than metal here; as I was going through my industrial-metal groove this week, I found myself leaning even more into the industrial and darkwave vein, and it certainly shows. The list this week feels cold and metallic, and that’s just how it wins. It’s a dreary day here in Atlanta, and the cold, calculating feel is just right. Check these people out, they’re killin it in the best way. As always, albums are in no particular order, so make sure you get all the way down! \m/

1. Save Me EPForever Still – 2015

Save Me EP

2. EgressorThe Body Politic – 2015


3. The Black Swan TheoryImber – 2015


4. DollminationThe Inferno Doll – 2015


5. DestinationNovembervägen – 2015


6. RelentlessThe Nixon Rodeo – 2015


7. Passengers – EPThe Fallen Prodigy – 2015

Passengers - EP

8. The Lost [EP]The Beautiful Monument – 2015

The Lost [EP]

9. For the Dearly DepartedThe Funeral Portrait – 2014

For the Dearly Departed

10. F-Units EPF-Units – 2015


11. The Black Album (EP)AggronympH – 2015


12. BurstVenus In Aries – 2015


13. Dead Echo ParanoiaElectric Deathbeat – 2015


14. Everything Is RelativeAll Around – 2015


15. DarkwingDark Matter Noise – 2015


16. Propagandadevknob – 2015


17. Rock Is Dead and I Know Where the Bodies Are BuriedMarion Crane – 2014


18. The Last Ones LeftSituations – 2015


19. AugmentNoveaux – 2015


20. The DomeHacking The Wave – 2015


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